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B2B communications specialists | marketing practice | aardmaan

About Us : B2B communications specialists

technology marketing and communications focus

offer exceptional marketing and communications services >
for B2B clients in the high tech and professional services sectors. From helping to define strategic marketing direction to tactical implementation of those strategies: 

aardmaan bannerdeliver creative, innovative and highly professional campaigns> carefully orchestrating each and every marketing campaign and communications project, to ensure consistent and powerful communications. 

based in Leicestershire - operate globally > providing strategic business planning and marketing communications services for technology and innovations companies in the UK, Europe and the US. We make sure your strategic foundation is solid before you embark on your communications programme - saving your face and your pocket in the long run.

a blue-chip high-tech portfolio > that includes work for GI Solutions Group, GI Insight, Open-Xchange, integrc (now part of EY), Grayce, Steria, Capita IT Services, SAP/IBM, Siemens, Panasonic, Experian, Motivity, Truelog and many more. And, work for leading digital agencies who service the technology sector:

aardmaan : established in January 2002

helping you > get closer to your customers and your market

  • Create strategies that achieve business objectives
  • Develop tactical communication elements that deliver results
  • Communicate clearly and effectively with target markets
  • Promote and market new offers, products and services

how we work ...

a strong working relationship > combined with a creative and pragmatic approach is fundamental to our success:


We work closely with you to understand your business, your objectives, and your customers business.


We research, evaluate and think through every aspect of the project - generating innovative and practical ideas.


We develop and mould the ideas to create material that makes an impact.

With one aim - to help you build strong customer relationships and win more profitable business.

Portfolio >

Our portfolio covers a wide range of media, from traditional brochures print to digital media, including video, websites, landing pages, and social media for blue-chip technology and professional services companies, including:






Extreme Networks 

Capita IT Services


Siemens Energy

Experian BI

Lower My Bills


Hallam Internet

 ... and more