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A good education? Let the market decide the price

A good education! What price would you be willing to pay?

Published April 9, 2011 by Gillian Hunter

How much would you be willing to pay for a good education? Its years since I was at university, and thankfully my parents were able to fund my education.

I did what would be considered a Degree in Media Studies today. Then it was called Industrial Communications. Followed by a post graduate diploma from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, and a smattering of OU courses - mostly with an artistic bent : creative writing, web writing and the like.

How much I'd be willing to pay for that education now has been brought sharply into focus this week, with the anouncement that two thirds of universities plan to charge the maximum tuition fee of £9,000 a year. The average fee per degree subject according to the today's Daily Telegraph is a whopping £8,536. That's without paying a penny towards living costs or books!

I realise I'm one of the fortunate few. I followed my heart when it came to my studies. And, wasn't pushed into making an unsuitable career choice. Looking back, I made the right choices.

Am still incredibly passionate about communications, marketing strategy, strategic planning, and understanding the big picture. Love writing. Love reading too - anything and everything - with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Good thing too - that's how I make my living!

Am one of the few from my year who still work in the communications and marketing industry. Most of my peer-group have changed careers and are doing other things. Some made that change very early on in their careers. The financial cost is not so much the issue, as the time spent "finding yourself", "finding your passion" and "finding your niche".

I wonder whether if its a price worth paying. Certainly, if you know what you are truly passionate about and make the right career choices early on, it is!

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