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Published January 5, 2012 by Gillian Hunter

We're supporting this today to mark aardmaan's 10 years in business > if you stumble across this today, the 5th January 2012, please go and leave a comment - any comment on It's for a very good cause. And is a great local tech story too! Let's light up that fiber and put the tech through its paces today ...

Here's an extract from Tref's blog >> I'm sure he won't mind!

"At 6am Greenwich Mean Time (that’s in the the UK) an attempt at the world record for the most comments on an online news item in 24 hours began (ie this blog post). According to Guinness World Records® we need around 100k unique comments. That’s just over 1 comment a second!

With your help we think we can whoop that and have moved the blog on to a state of the art internet platform to cope.

Why should you leave a comment on this post? Well first of all this is a charity fund raiser for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) the UK –  we are looking to raise £1 for every comment. It doesn’t cost to leave a comment but if you want you can make donation by clicking on the big green “DONATE NOW!” button in the sidebar – the bigger the donation the better.

Secondly 2011 was a pretty turbulent year for the world. The financial crisis continued and we saw a number of natural disasters that affected millions of people – the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, The Philippines, New Zealand, Mexico. In the UK we had riots on the streets of our major cities. Oh and there was the Arab Spring!

We all need to look forwards to 2012 with hope and inspiration.  With that in mind we are looking for comments about a person or organisation that has been an inspiration to you and you think will make a difference in 2012. Feel free to leave a link in the comment to their website or blog. Don’t worry if you can’t think of anyone – just a comment will be fine.

Please keep the comments short – once the 24 hours is up we will work through the long list to chose some people/organisations to cover on throughout 2012. When you leave a comment you have the option to tweet it – please do so if you can as this will help to spread the word using the #comment24 hashtag.

Let’s make the year 2012 a great one :)

This world record attempt would not have been possible without the help of many people including @GabrielleNYC, @Netazen,@PaulHardyUK, @martingeddes, @EmmaFirth, @JamesFirth, @AbigailH, @MurrayCS and all the other people on Twitter that have been tweeting and retweeting for the cause."

Oh, and don't forget to donate on JustGiving!

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