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aardmaan blog - Create an edge in your market

Create an edge in your market

Published April 22, 2007 by Gillian Hunter

Previously I've spoken about being Number One in a market and how that can create a competitive advantage. But, here's what you can do to create a competitive edge. There are some easy tactical things you can do that will begin to set you apart from the rest. And, if you hadn't guessed - it's the little things that count.

Here's a quick checklist to help:

Make the Right Impression Respond to missed calls quickly Respond to emails quickly Talk to your customers about their needs and their business Supply information when you say you will Follow up to see if there is anything else you can do Make sure your communications look professional - including emails Project Manage Yourself

If you commit to something - deliver Keep customers informed of changes - no surprises Provide customers with timelines - and make sure you can deliver Keep control of the budget - don't under or overquote for work Make sure your team buy into the delivery process - and make sure they deliver

Don't Bad-Mouth Others Don't speak out about your competitors - you're just confirming they're a threat Don't attack your competitors - besides the fact that you could end up working with them Don't get emotionally involved if a competitor attacks you - it's a waste of energy Keep and Eye on the Opposition

Get to know what your competitors do Note your competitors' strengths and weaknesses Understand your own strengths and weaknesses Constantly check competitor activity Keep a record / database of competitor activity Engage Your Customers

Ask your customers for quotes, references and case studies Ask your customers to tell others about you and your service Ask customers if your prospects can call them to get a reference Ask your customers for referrals Thank your customers for helping you with this!! Create a portfolio of all this stuff - and keep it up to date Keep Informed and Alert

Devour information - keep reading, learning and adding to your knowledge Watch out for things that could affect your customer's business - changes, trends, competitor activity Understand your customer's market - the more you know the more you can help them Keep a log of useful information you can use to support communications activity

Inspired by: Sales Guru - Six Ways to Stay Ahead of the Competition - April 2007