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aardmaan blog - Customer Hot Buttons

Customer Hot Buttons

Published June 23, 2007 by Gillian Hunter

There a number of fundamental things you need to get right in business. Getting to know your customers is the No. 1 Business Essential. Having a clear understanding of who your customers are will help you communicate more effectively, connect with your market and drive more business and revenue.

Work out how well you know your customers and what you need to do to get to know your customers better. Your customers will notice and will be happier because you will begin to identify with their pain points and issues and you will be happier because you can create a deeper, more meaningful relationship with your customers and generate revenue from services your customers desperately want to buy!

Step No 1. Write down who your customers are ... Work out where your business comes from and whether you have a diverse customer-base or are there similarities across your customer base. The logic is that the more markets you serve - the more your message and business will become diluted! Focussing on a select customer audience is gold!

Ask: Where does your business come from? What sectors or industries do your customers represent? Who are your most profitable customers? And, who do you love working with?

Step No 2. Describe what your customers are like ... Once you know your customers you need to really understand what they are like as people, and whether you have a defined "tribe" of people who you really connect with. The point is that you will attract and work with like-minded people - whether you are aware of it or not. It is about working out who these people are and what will make them connect with your in a more powerful way. It will also help you define your ideal clients.

Ask: What are your customers like as people? What are they passionate about - what don't they like? Can you describe your typical customer or paint a pen picture of your ideal customer.

Step No 3. Work out why your customers buy from you ... It seems obvious, but do you know why your customers buy from you? You need to clearly understand what they buy from you and why. It is worth noting that what you think you are selling, is not necessarily what they are buying. You need to put yourself in your customers shoes, and see the world from their perspective. It will help you define your offer and help you communicate in a way that resonates with your customers.

Ask: What are clients your customers buying from you? Why do they buy that product or service? What are they not buying from you? What are they buying from your competitors and why?

Step No 4. Find out what your customers really want ... Every customer is unique. They will want different things. However, if you focus on a defined market sector, you will begin to discover similarities. Look at what they want from a number of angles, such as their business needs and wants as well as the personal and unspoken needs and wants of the people you are dealing with. This will provide significant insights about the person and how you communicate with them.

Ask: What do your customers want and expect from you? What do they need and what do they want? There is a difference! What business benefits are they looking for? What personal benefits are they looking for?

Work through these steps to gain insight into your customers and your own business - and you are on your way to finding your customers' hot buttons. It will help you make connect with your customers, engage your customers meaningful conversation, and forge stronger relationships. It will also help you align your business more closely with your customers. It is a true win-win situation. This is just one of the essential elements you need answers to - in order to develop a powerful business strategy.