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aardmaan blog - Customer Loyalty = Love?

Customer Loyalty = Love?

Published July 21, 2009 by Gillian Hunter

Just seen a great definition of customer loyalty on LinkedIn Questions: MAGIC + VALUE + RELATIONSHIP = LOYALTY

See the replies ...

Magic - I'd prefer to call that the X-factor. Magic sounds as if it is beyond our control. Rather, it is about making your customer "zing" ... giving them a reason to have an emotional connection with you, your product or service - even if you sell widgets and electronic gadgets.

Value - have been banging this drum for years. If you don't know what your value is to your customer - you will never be able to build customer loyalty. You'll just end up working harder and harder trying to sell - when you should be focusing on why people buy...

Relationship - people buy from people. We'd all rather work with people we like and get on with. Business is all about relationships ... and most people would prefer to do business with people they could have a beer with - someone they could be friends with. Life's too short to work with people who don't get it!

Loyalty - is not a guranteed - ever. People will move on - even if you think you have this equation right - something flashier and more exciting may come along.

All you can do is make sure the customer experience so good - that even if they do stray - they will still talk (think) highly of you. Chances are they will come back - and you will have the chance to build a stronger relationship. But only, if you learn why they went, why they came back and why they'd be willing to stay... It's up to up!

Nurture your relationships. Talk to you clients. Give them great experiences. Make them feel good about themselves - good about you. And maybe, you'll have the beginnings of a happily ever after ...