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Customer motivations: What drives people to do business with you? | aardmaan blog

Customer motivations: What drives people to do business with you?

Published June 14, 2010 by Gillian Hunter

Found this great Dan Pink video about what motivates people: related to performance and how to motivate your employees. The interesting discovery is that the larger the reward - the lower the performance. Fascinating!

So, how does this apply to our customers - and how and what we sell to people. How we motivate our customers. What are the things that drive our customers.

According to Dan Pink, there are three major motivators that drive productivity and a sense personal satisfaction. They are:

  • autonomy - the desire to be self directed
  • mastery - the urge to get better at stuff
  • purpose - doing good and contributing

Apply this to B2B customer relationships:

Do we enable our customers to have more autonomy in doing their work?

Do we enable our customers to master new skills and techniques?

Do we enable our customers to have a sense of purpose?

Do we help our customer organisations to enable their people to be more productive by giving them the tools, knowledge and insight that enables these things to happen.

It is not just about selling stuff - it is about enabling stuff. The irony is that if we give stuff away, enable customers to be autonomous and enable them to have purpose in their lives - they will become more productive and more profitable. Isn't that what we should do - enable customers to be more successful - and live fulfilled and purposeful lives.

Are you driven by profit? An interesting point is that if the "profit motive becomes unhinged from the purpose motive - bad things happen - such as bad service." We all know organisations that seem to have lost its spark. It may just be that they're trying to motivate through reward.

Are you driven by purpose? Just think about all those profit and sales targets - do they enable people to really offer customers the best service, the best products ... customer-aligned differentiated offers that customers value?

Do your customers buy into your purpose? If organisations have purpose, the people that work for them are motivated! Their customers see it, feel it - and most customers will love it ... customers buy into that purpose too. Why? Because supporting your purpose - gives them a sense of purpose too. Get this right - and you'll have a powerful differentiator ...