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aardmaan blog - DIY email marketing with live reports

DIY email marketing with live reports

Published February 27, 2009 by Gillian Hunter

A number of clients have asked about sending their own email campaigns. We now offer an easy-to-use and cost-effective eComm management system - suitable for any size of company or campaign.

It's quick and easy to set up your email - add content - move stories - add photos - manage your subscribers - and send emails. And, it looks professional. Choose from a number of templates - or ask us to create a branded template for you.

Get live reports that tell you who has opened your email, what they have clicked through to, plus much much more.

Pay for what you send - no more no less. There are no set-up fee and no recurring fees. The system works out exactly how much your costs will be - based on the numbers of recipients - per send. It's highly cost-effective - working out a few pence per recipient. Send one email or an entire campaign. You control when and to whom you send - and even the cost!

What you get

  • Each campaign (send) is managed from a simple easy-to-use panel. It makes controlling your message easy.
  • Story based templates that allow you to focus on the content and let the template manage the layout.
  • Live preview of your email whilst you are editing your stories. No more guessing what it may look like.
  • Images added at the same time as adding each story.
  • If the images are too big, the system will automatically resize it for you.
  • Reporting includes drill down reports of activity, so you could start with a month view. Click a month and it shows activity for that month. Click a day and and you see each hour. Click an hour and see down to the minute!
  • Any failed deliveries (bounces) are automatically sorted and removed from your list if they are permanent failures. Soft bounces like mail box full will stay on your list.
  • Unlimited lists, each of which can be segmented. You could, for example, have a list of each of your target markets, such as retail and healthcare, or only customers who requested the item in red.
  • All duplicates are automatically removed during importing, adding. Even when sending to more than one list or segment where the same person appears more than once.
  • You can schedule your campaign to be sent any time in the future so you could create today and send next Wednesday at 10am. Great for scheduling - even better if you're not around when the item needs to be sent. So, you can plan your campaigns well in advance - and know they will go out at the right time.

Pricing information

The pricing model is very simple; we charge a flat send fee plus a cost for each recipient.

Benefits to you

  • No setup charge or recurring fees, you only pay for what you use. 
  • Inexpensive, as you only pay for the recipients you send to. So, even if you're only sending to a few recipients, all you have to pay is a small send fee - and for each recipient. The system calculates the price based on the number of recipients.
  • Example templates are provided with each account. You simply add your company (or email campaign) name, as well as legally required address details.
  • It's so easy - you can be sending your email within minutes.
  • Built in help system.
  • Can be operated from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Simple and easy to use.