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aardmaan blog - Feedback creates a Rypple

Feedback creates a Rypple

Published November 27, 2008 by Gillian Hunter

It's always good to get constructive feedback from clients, colleagues and friends. Meet Rypple. A great new online feedback tool - perfect if you want quick feedback on how you're doing. Ideal for the business environment. Particularly if you want to keep honing your skills.

Marketing and digital agencies will love this one. Have a look. The great thing is that only you get to see your own feedback - it's totally confidential. You won't even know who provided the feedback - which means the people you ask for feedback can be totally honest about your performance. 

What I like about Rypple is it isn't about HR objectives, it is about people taking responsibility for their our growth, development and feedback. And for people like myself who are only as good as our last project - we need feedback when we do it right - but also when we get things wrong. Feedback is so very important.

We all need it - but are often scared to ask.

Now, we needn't be ... Thanks for constructive feedback Priscilla I realised the importance of feedback yesterday when I attended a breakfast meeting, and had to get up and give a quick 60 second talk about myself and AARDMAAN> it was scary. I'd forgotten to smile. Fortunately - a friendly face in the audience was thoughtful enough to give me feedback, and remind me to smile. I wasn't even aware that I didn't smile. Thanks to people like Priscilla of Loud&Clear Voice Coaching - we all learn and grow!

But not everyone will take the time to provide open and honest feedback ... Thanks for positive feedback Emmeline Great to get positive feedback too. Had worked all last weekend on a marathon project. Was over the moon when Emmeline from Chemistry Digital left a message saying: "Thank you so much for doing the (client name) content. It's looking really really good. It's looking fantastic. Thank you very much for your help." Great to have happy clients - even better to get happy feedback.

Rypple is free at the moment - so have a play!

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