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Infographic : Changes in way we communicate

Infographic : Changes in way we communicate

Published May 20, 2011 by Gillian Hunter

The world of communications has changed. Is changing. Fast. Just how well are we adapting to these changes - as consumers and as content and media creators?

This fabulous infographic - courtesy of MDG - shows the evolving world of communication, advertising and media: the shift from mass media to new media; from a select number of channels such as TV, radio, press to multiple formats such as video, audio, imagery and apps; from fixed to mobile - connecting with people on the go; and from outbound - best described as the old media driven world of broadcast communications - to inbound where people access content through a plethora of apps and devices.

This is just the start...

Changing world of Media

The world of communications, media and advertising will continue to change dramatically. There's no looking back. However, the fundamentals remain the same. The power is in the message. And the medium used is an important part of that message.

As B2B marketers, we have a minefield of media and vehicles to choose from in the real world and online: twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, advertising, direct mail,  email marketing, blogs, editorial, white papers, books,  websites, landing pages, conferences, events, exhibitions, Adwords ... the list goes on.  

It isn't about using every tool and media available - its about using the right mix .. the right medium for your message and the right medium for your market. 

Is the medium right for your business?  New applications, social media and gadgets can be very tempting for marketers to try out. However, before you dive in head first, evaluate whether the medium will work for your business, using our quick 10-point checklist.

AARDMAAN media evalution checklist >

  1. Do our customers use this medium?
  2. Would our market expect us to communicate using this medium?
  3. Is there a conflict with our message?
  4. Would it undermine our credibility or authenticity?
  5. Would it be seen too much as a "marketing gimmick"
  6. Does it fit with our market and business strategy?
  7. Does it fit with our market positioning?
  8. Will it generate useful and meaningful conversations with our market?
  9. Will it nurture, support and help to generate new business?
  10. Will it provide an acceptable Return on Investment (ROI) - time and money spent

What tools do you use to evaluate whether the latest new medium is right for your business?