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aardmaan blog - LATI case study project: what it's all about

LATI case study project: what it's all about

Published February 3, 2010 by Gillian Hunter

The LATI case study project is in its second year. The project is limited to ten students - usually MBA students - who need to apply to get a place on the sought-after course. The project requires real student commitment and dedication to see the project through. However, provides rich rewards for both students and LATI members.

Over the last few months, a select group of MBA students from the University of Leicester School of Business have worked closely with a number of local businesses (all members of LATI) and their customers to create customer success stories. This blog briefly outlines what the LATI project is all about...

The LATI case study project involves a number of distinct phases. Firstly, a couple of practical teaching workshops - run by aardmaan - on how to produce a customer case study: the structure, interview process, writing a compelling story, managing the customer and end-customer interaction process and obtaining customer approvals.

The students then get to meet with their allocated LATI member, to interview them about their customer project. Once they are fully briefed, they need to make contact with the LATI member's customer (or customers in some cases) and interview them about the specific project they were briefed on.

This can be challenging - as the students only has around 20 minutes to interview the customer over the phone. Students need to make sure they capture pertinent information - ensuring the customer talks freely and openly, and provides great customer quotes. All this information needs to be meticulously recorded and documented - as even the most experienced case study writer can't rely on memory and notes.

aardmaan use the latest digital recording software - provided by Truelog to record all customer interviews. Not only is it a good reference after the call, it frees the interviewer to use the time more constructively asking the right questions - rather than furiously taking notes. And, adds value to our customers - by providing them with an audio file which they can use on the web, in customer presentations, as part of staff training and more.

The case study then needs to be crafted. Once written it needs to be approved by all stakeholders: aardmaan, LATI, the LATI member and their customer. Throughout the process, aardmaan mentor and support the students - to ensure the students�are on target�to produce a quality case study.

The aim is for students to gain practical experience in the field of marketing, and for the companies involved to use the customer case studies as a marketing tool.