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LATI Members - Case study project launched

aardmaan blog - LATI Members - Case study project launched

Published September 29, 2009 by Gillian Hunter

The 2009/2010 LATI case study project is about to be launched. The University of Leicester are very keen to pursue the programme and are actively recruiting students from their 2009/2010 MBA intake.

LATI and AARDMAAN have made some changes to the programme - to shorten the timeframe and encourage greater interaction with students.

The biggest change is that LATI members are to meet and brief the students early on in the process.

 What participating LATI members will need to do:

Decide on the most appropriate customer case study

Confirm with your customer that they are willing to take part in case study project

Check your customer is happy with process and what's expected of them (1/2 hour phone or face-to-face interview as appropriate, and reassure your customer that they will get to approve the case study before it is published)

Write brief for student & send to LATI (form available on application)

Attend training workshop and student briefing session (person closest to the project and customer to brief student)

Agree with student where and when your customer is to be interviewed

Check and approve written case study before customer approval Contact your customer about approvals and check they're happy with the process (student is expected to manage approvals process)

� Provide final approved PDF of the case study to your customer on completion

Once completed and approved, you will be able to use the case study on your website, in bid proposals, as marketing leaflets, PR, direct mail etc. The case study will also be added to the LATI website.

Visit the LATI website to find out more.

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