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aardmaan blog - LATI project: 7 case studies successfully completed

LATI project: 7 case studies successfully completed

Published February 19, 2010 by Gillian Hunter

MBA students from the University of Leicester School of Business have successfully completed the 2010 LATI case study project. Seven case studies have been successfuly completed, including full sign-off from stakeholder LATI* members and their customers.

Achieving end-to-end stakeholder approval is a significant achievement: Congratulations go to Sharukh Kotwal, Parag Doshi, Ken Muira, Gabriel Donkoh, Ginelle Roberts, Tushar Khera and Avani Doshi on successful completion of the customer case study project. The LATI project, now in its second year, mentors MBA students in the art and science of creating successful customer case studies.

The feedback from LATI members has been very positive:

Patrick Eaton of bd3T said: "This work was undertaken with enthusiasm and has helped to raise the professional image of my business, bd3T. The work was completed with good attention to detail to achieve the desired final document and with appropriate and regular communications to ensure the desired result."

John Bennett of Bennett Engineering added:"I really enjoyed and appreciated the briefing session: we met all of the students and had the opportunity to work with them. I understood the process that they had been asked to follow so was (probably) more focussed on where the student was coming from with his questions. An unexpected outcome is I suspect that my business is more respected for participating in these types of programs".

Students too, have been delighted with the learning opportunity:

Parag Doshi said: "I would like to thank you for the support and understanding you gave me during the period. It was a wonderful learning experience and I am sure will be helpful for my career."

The completed case studies can be found on the LATI website.

* LATI is a membership organisation that provides networking and business support for companies and individuals involved in the innovative use of science and technology.