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Leicestershire Twitter Elite List | aardmaan blog

Leicestershire Twitter Elite List

Published August 11, 2010 by Gillian Hunter

Okay, I've only been tweeting six months (and three days). Thought I'd give it a go back in February. I'd been watching on the sidelines for over a year - rather sceptical to be honest. To my surprise I really got into tweeting...
  • I learnt loads of stuff that's relevant to my business and to my clients. Broadened my exposure to information, opinions and views.
  • I've made some amazing contacts - people who've added real value to my business and to me personally.
  • I've reinforced connections with people in the real world, and re-established old connections I should never have lost.
  • I've had really useful advice of loads of tools and office equipment. I have even found new suppliers that I'm really happy with - thanks to recommendations via twitter - from trusted contacts I hasten to add.
  • I've had some great sales leads and projects that fall into my sweetspot. Real dream projects. Doubt they'd have materialised if it wasn't for my conversations.
  • It has given me a chance to eye up the competition - and to be honest I've been very impressed with the quality of some I've stumbled across. Some may prove to be useful allies in time.
  • It's inspired me to improve my game
  • I'm having a ball - learning, connecting, sharing ...

It was a shock to find I'd been listed on Twitter Grader.We're made the No 15 spot - so loads of room for improvement. And our score keeps going up and down around that mark! But, I'm delighted nevertheless... didn't think we'd even make it onto the radar. Got a twitter account? Try Twitter Grader for yourself.