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aardmaan blog - Murdoch puts paid to free on Google

Murdoch puts paid to free on Google

Published November 9, 2009 by Gillian Hunter

Newspapers and content providers are getting tired of giving their content away for free it seems.  Rupert Murdoch's response to free content clearly indicates the changing fortunes of the mass media - so ably predicted by the late great Michael Crichton over 16 years ago.

MediaWeek report that Rupert Murdoch is to remove its newspaper content from Google and start charging for news content: In an interview with Sky News Australia, Murdoch referred to Google, Microsoft and as "content kleptomaniacs", and confirmed News Corp would take its newspaper websites off Google searches when it started charging for content. The media mogul behind newspapers such as The Sun and The Times said having News Corp newspaper stories on Google might drive traffic to its websites, but there was little point in consumers visiting these sites if it was not earning his company significant revenues. Murdoch said: "There is not enough advertising in the world to go around and make all the websites profitable. He added: "We'd rather have fewer people come to the website and pay. Consumers shouldn't have had free news all the time - I think we've been asleep. It costs us a lot of money to put together good newspapers and good content. No news websites anywhere in the world are making large amounts of money."

The traditional mass media are fighting back. However, the world has changed fundamentally. Though the change is happening at a slower pace than predicted - it is happening. Advertisers don't see the value in advertising in mass media anymore. Its okay for corporate branding exercises and if you have loads of money to throw at it ...

The new world is about connecting with the individual - and that needs a different skill-set - and a greater understanding of who your customer really is. Its about getting your strategy right. And, strategy is the art of saying NO! - rather than Yes!!

Next, its working out where your customers and prospects are - and engaging them in a conversation on various levels. Connecting with your audiences is a lot more complex - however a lot more fun if you love communicating with people ....