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Our expanding twitterverse | aardmaan blog

Infographic : our ever-expanding Twitterverse

Published March 2, 2011 by Gillian Hunter

Here's a very handy tool for you to understand what's what on twitter. An ever-expanding universe of tools and applications for you to use. You couldn't possibly use them all - but is is good to know they are there - and select the tools most relevant to your business.


The twitterverse map - infographic > illustrates how quickly Twitter has grown - and the relvance to the business and marketing community. It has become industry in its own right.

Running rings around Twitter >  Constantly evolving, the latest map puts Twitter at the center of the stellar system, with apps orbiting at different rotations based on their design and functionality.

Ring 1: Branding

Ring 2: Geographics

Ring 3: Interest Graph

Ring 4: Dashboard

Ring 5: Event Management

Ring 6: Live Streaming

Ring 7: Geo Location

Ring 8: Relationships

Ring 9: Marketing and Advertising

Ring 10: Rich Media Ring 11: Communication Management

Ring 12: Research and Analysis Ring 13: Stream Management

Ring 14: Mobile Applications Ring 15: Trends Ring 16: Social CRM

Ring 17: Influence and Resonance

Ring 18: Twitter Search

Ring 19: Causation

Thanks to Brian Solis & JESS3 > for creating an infographic of our Twitterverse so we can learn more about the Twitter tools available to us - and allowing us to use it.