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aardmaan blog - Six things that have changed our world

Six things that have changed our world

Published August 21, 2008 by Gillian Hunter

The world is changing faster than ever - thanks in part to the web. It affects the way we communicate, who we communicate with, how we communicate and the media we use. Communications has become an exciting arena to play in ... because we've been given some wonderful toys and tools to play with.

Here are my big six:

Targeting: One Size Fits All >> Tailored to the Individual We were very good at doing generic communications. One brochure or website to get the message across to everyone: internal audiences, customers, suppliers, shareholders, partners. Those days are gone.Today, we need to focus on each specific audience. Create bespoke communications material for each. Thanks to analytics and feedback tools, we know what people are interested in, what they need to know ... we can target and tailor our communications to the individual.

Content: Less is More >> More is More Advertising was everything. We used to spend days dreaming up clever ideas. And then plaster the advert everywhere. We're a million miles away from those days. Though adverts can be witty and entertaining - they don't often get us to do anything. Content is the new advertising. People want to know stuff. The more useful information we give them the happier they are. One great piece of content will do more for your business that 100 "great" ads. And, it costs a lot less to do.

Communications: Silo Projects >> Big Picture Campaigns were often dreamed up in isolation. Different divisions would send out conflicting communications to the same audience ... it was anarchy. In this transparent age, if you don't get to grips with the big picture,�your audience will pick holes in you very quickly. And let everyone else know too.�Which leads me to:

Branding: Corporate Control >> Anyone and Everyone We used to have huge departments controlling corporate and brand identity. We had virtually full control of the brand. Today, that's a lot harder to do. Your brand is in the hands of your employees, customers, suppliers, partners, and the general public. Take a look at the world's most powerful brands.

Media: Print >> Multimedia Experience We needed to understand print in detail, and spend hours at the printers checking proofs. In the corporate world, a print run of 100,000 wasn't uncommon. And, it all had to be mailed to customers. However, one mistake could cost a small fortune. Today, we have moved into a dynamic age. We can change content quickly and easily. And create more engaging content such as this web video.

Measures: Pure Guesswork >> Detailed Insight Half of your advertising didn't work, but you didn't know which half! Analysing communications and marketing campaigns was time-consuming, costly and highly inaccurate.Today, in an instant we can track and evaluate campaigns, see what works and what doesn't, the most popular content, and what content has generated a response. And, it costs next to nothing. Google Analytics doesn't cost anything at all. Besides your time reviewing the stats ...