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Six ways to cut through the noise | aardmaan blog

6 ways to cut through the noise I

Published October 21, 2010 by Gillian Hunter

There is so much noise out there - unless you make it easy for customers - they won't take action. As simple as that. But what is the thing that will motivate people to take action. From experience - there isn't a magic bullet that will work every time. But there are six things that will help you cut through the clutter... Here's the first three:

Understand what's important to your customer Seems really simple that one. The answer is in getting to know your customer - see the world from their perspective. They want to know what you can do for them - how it's going to make their life better. What the benefits are to them. The added value. They're not interested in buying your whizz-bang product - they're buying what your product does for them.

Get to know your customer Research. Research. Research. But not just desk research. Get out there and talk to your customers and prospects. The more you know and understand about their world - the easier it will be to provide what they want.

Get to know your customer's market as well as they do - if not better. By understanding their market - you can add immense value - and help them to succeed. By understanding their market - you understand their pains, challenges and motivations. That gives you a competitive advantage. It can also help to make you indispensible for advice, knowledge, insight and guidance ... in short it helps to build strong relationships.

It pays even greater dividends if you make good contacts in your customer's market. Make an effort to build a reputation in the market - be seen as knowledgable, helpful. That helps to make you the first port of call ... and your customers will notice. It helps to make them feel safe...

Show what you've done for others This is so important. That's why case studies - testimonials - customer quotes work. Your customers want to know what you've done for others, what the outcome and benfits were - and what your other customers think about you - your work. It also helps people understand what your capabilities are and how you can possibly help them. Whether you're part of their tribe ... or not.

Providing evidence makes it easier for people to sell you within their own organisation - it means they don't have to work so hard to persuade others to use you. This supports the foundation of all good customer interaction: Relevance, Credibility & Evidence. part 2 to follow ....