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aardmaan blog - Speaking at LATI Showcase

Speaking at LATI Showcase

Published September 17, 2008 by Gillian Hunter

Planning to be in or around Loughborough tomorrow? 18 September! AARDMAAN has a speaking slot at LATI Showase at the Innovation Centre at Loughborough University. We'll be talking about the value of case studies for B2B and high-tech businesses.

Why it is an critical business tool today. How case studies can help you to carve a niche in your market. And, how to use case studies to generate more business. Register to attend the showcase: Link to LATI Registration page

Other speakers include:

ASIC IP, a Semiconductor Intellectual Property (SIP) company. Its founder, Jitu Choudhury, will be sharing his experiences of setting up technology businesses around the world with some thoughts on what we could do better to support innovative businesses.

Citel are a new tenant at Loughborough Innovation Centre. Andrew Davies, Software Development Manager, will be telling us about Citel's products to facilitate migration of business telephony to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

Who's LATI? LATI is a membership organisation that provides networking and business support for companies and individuals involved in the innovative use of science and technology across Leicestershire.

AARDMAAN has been a member of LATI for a couple of years. Though, I could be accused of being biased, I think LATI events are always worth attending. You always learn something new. Meet interesting and highly intelligent people. It's a great chance to network like-minded businesses. And, we're a great bunch of people. Would be great to see you there ...