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What it takes to create Grayce

The Founding of Grayce

Published January 28, 2014 by Gillian Hunter

Peter Busby, Managing Director of Grayce talks to us about how AARDMAAN helped them rethink their business and focus on the true opportunity. 

MD of Grayce, Peter BusbyA little over a year ago, Peter Busby approached AARDMAAN to help them think through new business ideas, and help the put in place a strategic framework for this new business. Within months of our first strategic thinking workshop, Grayce was launched on the market.

A year since their launch, Grayce is thriving, growing and going from strength to strength. They are winning new customers and orders because, as Peter says, the proposition resonates with their target customers. 

What appealed to them was AARDMAAN's ability to think about what a proposition should be, to approach that from a number of different dimensions, and to home in what the market proposition should be.

“You focused on where the market opportunity really was for us, where the real value is, and where the compelling customer offering is."

From a strategic point of view what you did was extremely powerful. We moved from a business idea that would have taken time to input and execute on, that would have been dependent on more expensive people, that would struggle to differentiate itself, and would have struggled to gain the necessary traction. Instead we got a place where we had "white space", a clear proposition, something to differentiate ourselves, and something that fulfilled the market need. It has given us space to operate, which is hugely beneficial.

"You took us through a process where we refined our ideas and our propositions to a point where we felt we had a compelling proposition that we could test with the market."

The strategic thinking process paid dividends for Grayce. They now have customers, a pipeline and more people joining. From a standing start when they opened for business, with just a website and an idea a year ago, they now have blue chip clients. 

Despite the fact that we are a start up, that we are new, and that not many people know us, we are getting in to see a lot of senior people. My own anecdotal evidence walking round my network and beyond is that ‘this is of real interest’.

"I would absolutely recommend that everybody do this because it is hard to get customer feedback in the absence of a response."

It may take six or nine months to hear, and for that to filter down. That is huge amount of wasted time. From my experience, if you test that model, test your idea, with someone independent taking you through a thought process, before you take it to the market place, you will have a much better proposition at the end of the day. You will be more successful more quickly.

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