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aardmaan blog - Where have all the adverts gone?

Where have all the adverts gone?

Published May 22, 2008 by Gillian Hunter

We've seen some clever advertising in our day.

Some very powerful messaging and imagery. Ads that were witty, entertaining and engaging.

The greatest adverts are attributed to the likes of Guinness. However many feel Guinness has missed the point and ventured too far into the creative realm. Right up until the late nineties you couldn't really do business without advertising.

Companies such as IBM made headway in the 70s and 80s because they invested more in advertising than any of their competitors. And, IBM continue to spend a fortune on advertising. They are doing well today because the laid a strong marketing foundation early on and have built on their success, while others have fallen by the wayside.

Today, if you rely solely on advertising to get your message across, you'll be dead in the water. Besides, to make any impact, you'll need to throw money and ingenuity at it to even get noticed. Your moment of advertising glory won't last as long as it once did.

Forget people seeing your advert on TV - they a more likely to see your ad on YouTube, or if you are lucky, you ad will go viral and be sent via email. But, it will need to be outstanding - strike a chord!

Advertising isn't dead! It just can't stand up on its own anymore - it needs a support team! People want meaningful content. They want content so remarkable that they want to keep it!

It wasn't until fairly recently that we could accurately measure what content people were really interested in. Analytical tools have enabled us to measure which articles are the most popular and draw the most traffic. Analysis provides insight. That means you don't have to guess what people like to read. And, it enables you to create content that will be read and forwarded - making it easier for you to reach your "tribe".