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Published September 28, 2010 by Gillian Hunter

Quite a number of people have recently asked me why I chose the name AARDMAAN for my business. Let me quickly say it has nothing to do with the fabulous people in Bristol

Domain name goldrush Well, it all started in 1999. The Internet was just beginning to take off. I thought it would be a good idea to have my own domain name. I wanted something that represented being down-to-earth, as well as my artistic - creative side.

Where have all the good words gone? I started searching, however couldn't find an English word or combination of words I liked. Most of the short words had been taken by then - all the obvious and powerful words anyway. People were beginning to make up words - such as Google, who've just celebrated their 12th birthday!

What's in a name? I turned to Afrikaans, which is similar to Dutch. Though I've lived in the UK close on 22 years - I spent my formative years in South Africa. AARDMAAN is an amalgamation word - not commonly used in Afrikaans or Dutch as far as I know. "aard" means earth ... and "maan" means moon. Quite literally the earth's moon! I chose aardmaan because I liked the word and has visual appeal - with all the A's and M's and N's. There was a sense of balance. It had aesthetic appeal. To me, words are pictures in their own right.

World at our front gate I also have a deeply personal reason. Our father is an artist and (less frequently) a sculptor. He sculpted our post box to look like the earth and the moon - using one large and one small float valve (ballcock). Most houses had a postbox at the garden gate back then. This postbox was different. It attracted a huge amount of attention.

Love of communication As a child I used to love going to fetch the post. We used to get interesting post then. Long chatty letters from people. Before the age of email and the internet. In a strange way the postbox represents my passion for communication.

So, that's how AARDMAAN got its name The sad thing is that I don't have a decent photo of our old postbox. It was always there - so we didn't take a photo of it. One night someone came with blowtorch. We never saw it again. AARDMAAN however, lives on ...

garden sculpture of globe

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