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Why your marketing strategy isn't working

Why your marketing strategy isn't working

Published April 16, 2013 by Gillian Hunter

Your marketing strategy not working? Not getting the sales you want? Not as profitable as you'd like to be? Not reaching the right customers? Here's why your marketing strategy may not be working properly:

Nobody gets where you are going to and why

1. Decide Business Direction If you don't have a succinct and clear business vision, strategy or objective. And, if you can't articulate your business objective and strategy easily - you won't be able to create a succcessful marketing strategy. 

Before you start work on your marketing strategy, make sure you know what your business objective and strategy is. Your marketing strategy won't work if your marketing strategy isn't aligned with your business objectives and strategy. 

Do your understand what the business objective and strategy is? They need to be able to articulate it clearly and succinctly.

You have decided to hedge your bets 

2. Focus on Business Strategy You haven't settled on one business strategy, preferring to hedge your bets and try a number of strategies. These strategies may be conflicting, or weaken a potential position of strength. 

The good news, you only have a choice of three strategies > 

  • 1. Focus (product leadership and innovation)
  • 2. Cost Leadership (business efficiency - your infrastructure, processes and management)
  • 3. Differentiation (customer relationships)

If people in your business, or your customers are confused about your focus - then you need to review your business strategy. Decide what your strategy should be. Holding the middle ground is not a viable option. Be exceptional at one thing, not average at all three. 

You haven't got buy-in from your people 

3. Communicate with Your People Your people need to buy into the business strategy and marketing strategy. If they don't agree with the strategy, or don't know here the business is headed - you need to work to get your people on board. 

Marketing is not only the function of the marketing department. Everyone in the organisation needs to pull together to serve the needs of the customer and understand the importance of being customer-driven. 

Getting people involved in the marketing strategy process from day one, will help overcome resistance issues further down the line. Particularly the people who need to implement the marketing and business plans. If you want to motivate your people - give them the opportunity to contribute to planning the future direction of the company, and share in the achievement too.

In summary - decide, focus and communicate

To succeed you need to be decisive about where the business is headed and how you are going to get there, what your strategic focus is going to be, and make sure you take your people with you on the journey.