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Testimonials | aardmaan

Testimonials : what our clients think of us

Here's what they have to say  ...

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"I discovered Gillian after merging my business with another and wanting to look at optimising the positioning and brand. I've been in sales and marketing for 25 years but I'd never seen such a clear thinking and rapid assessment of our optimum positioning."

"In my view there aren't many brilliant marketing people out there - and in my view getting this area right is THE no 1 imperative for business success. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Gillian - but I'd contact her soon - I get asked about how we achieved what we did all the time and she's getting famous."

"Working with Gillian and Aardmaan was foremost professional and personal. The attention to detail in the projects, as well as to the business relationship was authentic, perfectly paced and on-time, as well as quality deliverables. I recommend Gillian to anyone looking for compelling advertising and marketing communications."

"Gillian's detailed knowledge and experience of how good marketing works provided us with an expert service, translating technology language into tangible business value for our customers. I knew when I worked with Gillian that I was working with a really impressive marketing professional who looked at the bigger picture rather than just copy. Gillian was extremely flexible and met our very tight timescales and kept on delivering, time and time again. It also helps that she is a thoroughly nice and grounded person, and is very easy to work with and will always go that extra mile."

"Marketing should be considered an investment, but all too often, quickly turns into a cost. I have employed the services of various marketing "experts" during 15 years of trading, but rarely felt the money well spent. In your case, I expect we will save thousands of pounds, which to me is a true investment and time very well spent."

"I have worked with Gillian over a number of years. Gillian's thorough and consistent and professional approach to marketing meant that often somewhat vague briefs became transformed into first class marketing material."

"Gillian did excellent work for our public company - highly creative and very reliable. More recently she offered some great advice for my new venture. I look forward to working with her in the future. I highly recommend her."

"Having worked with Gillian for over 5 years on a broad range of online and offline communication channels and across multiple business sectors, I'd highly recommend her. She has a strong understanding of business and can take highly technical product and service offerings to create customer focused benefits-led content."

"I have worked with Gillian for most of my working life and she is my first port of call when I need support on any project requiring the written word or marketing strategy. She excels at direct marketing, bids and tenders, technical white papers and brochureware."

"Gillian is a quite superb marketing communications person with an added specialism in major projects and tender submission work. As well as being very experienced, Gillian also has great personal qualities - something often forgotten in business these days. She will always go the extra mile, she is always "there" for you and working with her is always a pleasure. I would recommend her strongly."

"Gillian has a wonderful ability to write clear, concise, copy that expresses the value in an offer really effectively. I continue to recommend Gillian to people who are looking for excellent value in their marketing and sales promotional materials."

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We don't cold call or advertise - all our work comes through recommendation and word of mouth. We only work with clients that we've met face-to-face or have been recommended by a client. Long-term mutually beneficial relationships are key to our success. Project and client confidentiality is just as important.

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The story of Integrc

Thanks ...

"Thank you for these (case studies) - they are excellent."

"I am so pleased - thank you. It's fantastic that you managed to publish this before Friday - I'm sure it was no mean feat ... "

"Thank you for this. It is a truly amazing first draft."

"Absolutely first class - I never dreamed it would look and read this brilliantly."

"Thanks for the superb turnaround on this - it's a great achievement - well done (and the client is ecstatic!)"

"Thank you for your excellent work in turning this around so fast."

"Our session yesterday was inspiring; I felt inspired; you are inspirational."

"Thanks for the great workshop yesterday. I enjoyed even more than I expected. It was refreshing to stop and think about my business, and take the time to think more carefully about my customers. It is a cliche, but I do get bogged down in doing the work, and forget to take the time to think a bit more strategically."